Bits and Pieces


They are scattered around. Everywhere.
Don't try to gather them. Let them stay.
The pieces of my heart. Scattered, uncared.
I have traveled a million miles. Too many places.
I have been in love. And seen too many faces.
Everytime, I find a home, I know  I need to leave
And my heart breaks into a million pieces.
And those pieces are left behind, 
In those places that I have walked, 
With those moments, where I laughed with you. 
And with those strangers I fell in love with.
And I wonder how amazing it would be, 
If each of those pieces could experience and absorb life
In its sweetness and rage, in its bitterness and pain
With each of you, who I met and left, on this road!
If each could tell me, how you've been doing
How the sea shore looks like on the other side of the world
How the city, the road I walked, feels like now that it's raining?
Bits and pieces of my heart
Stay scattered around, uncared
Stay with each of you
While you move on.