Grace Paces in four faces

Written by: john freeman

Grace Paces in four faces ………………….. Graces in four faces of trinity, three paces living in life races a lion, a calf, a man, an eagle A flying eagle… complete and legal Ah….Loves grace intervene… by and by one shall wean of Mothers milk to Fathers meat one shall complete by grace, amazing feat Meanwhile… Love’s dear child in love meek and mild a serpent spent and beat shall soon retreat as grace absorbs life heat A cycle of seven Love’s blueprint of heaven earth cycles seven/eleven of whorish bevvies Sub consciously… Human concepts grievous +++++++++++ Warning: A view from human concepts might find the preceding poem a bit preachy, as sub consciously this terminology has emerged of human concept for purpose of discrediting wisdom when it is imparted of Godly precept. While wisdom imparted on the level of human concepts is declared to be the only source and means of conveying knowledge. “Two Logics!” (Isaiah 55:7-11) (The Christly mind vs. the human mind) “You have the mind of Christ!” You May use it! Selah….