The Pup

Written by: Sheena Slootweg-Langkjar

A book was read
The day before last
It should have said
Look to the past

As Kate picked it up
Out of the book
Popped one giant pup
That barked and shook

This pup was all clad
In heavy brown fur
His howl was so sad
As if to muster

The look on his face
Was easy to tell
He looked like some space
Was the best type of spell

Kate sat there in shock
As the pup looked on
He licked at her sock 
And Kate gazed upon

The pretty young pup
Made his way close
As Kate got on up
To walk on her toes

The pup followed Kate
And wouldn't give in
Till she took the bait
Which made the dog grin

The dog gave a lick
One, two, and three
Her face was all slick
And she tried to see

Kate gave a laugh
It sounded quite shy
It was cut in half
As Kate then had died.

~ Die a 'Fun' Death Free Poetry Contest
         - sponsored by Natalie the Rogue Rhymer