How I Got Started

Written by: Margaret Foster

How I Got Started I had to write a poem for Nick His kindy teacher said I should Hummed and hawed, prevaricated Before deciding that I would Miss Fordyce was so enchanted She read it out to all the class Didn't know the seed she planted It's growing now like mondo grass I’d read a little bit of Burns In school it was compulsory Never paid too much attention It never seemed to interest me Spent many years without knowing The wonder written words expose The problem is my ignorance I can't tell poetry from prose I know not of techniques and terms The rules of rhythm and of rhyme I only know the sounds that please And hope to learn them all in time Some words that I have never heard Iambic? haiku? what are these? As far as my poor brain can tell They’re double Dutch or Japanese But I feel I’m slowly learning By seeing what the friends portray On this site of clever poets And think that I am here to stay
Written: Margaret Foster: march 2010 Contest: What brought you to poetry. Dec 2011 sponsor:Michael J Falotico