Igneus Orbem - World of Fire

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Deep beneath our feet lies
a world greatly unknown.
Smooth like caramel, bright
as burning embers, and magical like
fairy dust – magma is born, 
contained within chambers
of varying size.
Magma is the concoction in
which land is created and
destroyed only to be recycled
deep below the ocean floor.
Volcanoes are the gateways in
which magma escapes and 
sometimes with such ferocity 
that life is harmed.
It flows over land, fire
sparks from the surface and
poisonous gases pollute the
air then yet beauty is yet
to be seen.
The cool air strikes the
burning magma causing 
crystallization to begin but
the crystals are small and
inert to the earth-bound elements.
Still secrets lie below where treasures 
can be found for magma isn't always
Large crystals begin to grow within
the underground chambers,
they glitter like the midnight
stars then yet they were created
in a world of fire where life
does not exist but still beauty
is created.
This world is full of irony;
life cannot exist in this fiery
furnace then yet life begun in
such a state when the land was
deprived of water and the air
toxic where magma flowed like
A world of fire lies beneath
our feet circulating the life
source of our home but sadly 
it produces fear like no other 
for it has become associated 
with dark omens in the 
common fairy-tale.
Still the world of fire will
continue to burn and erupt
until we are gone from this
Earth only to be recycled into
the every earth itself.