Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

Find a dark room that keeps out the light
One that is cold and damp, now throw me in and lock it tight.
I want to be alone, I don’t care, out of sight,
For in my heart, there is no day, just night.

I have tow friends to keep me company, “Loneliness” and “Pain”
They cater for my every need, and are honest when they say “Sid, you are to blame.”
Let me cry on pain’s shoulder as she shows me pictures of you
And loneliness laughs repeating your words “We’re through”

I’m content with that, I don’t ask for much,
Save the caressing feel of heartache’s touch
I don’t want the friends that ask “what’s wrong”
Then remedy my situation with a “you’ll be alright” song

Just let me be
Nothingness is what I want to hear and see
They say love loss heals
Rubbish! I move from rejection to rejection with wounds that still bleeds.

So lock me away, throw away the key
I’m happy this way, this is where I want to be....