Don't Judge Me

Written by: Asra Mir

What goes through your mind?
When you see me covered?
Do you think I am oppressed?
Being forced to cover myself?
You mock the way I dress,
Just because I don’t flaunt myself,
In front of men,
It doesn’t make me less human,
Doesn’t make me look silly,
I think you’re confusing me,
With the women you see on tv,
Half naked,
Showing every inch of their body,
To you and me,
And millions of other people,
You think that’s cool?
You think it’s modest?
Give your mind a rest!

Don’t be quick to judge me,
Or afraid to talk to me,
When you see me in the street,
I am human,
Just because I choose to cover,
Doesn’t make me inferior to others!