Each Christmas Is Different

Written by: Clarence Billheimer

Each Christmas is different as we gather in throngs
To open up presents and sing special songs.
New ones were added to some families,
Others departed o’er death’s chilly seas.
Some have had surgery, and some now are ill,
And some have surrendered to God’s holy will.
Some have had trials of some other kind,
And others are happy and peaceful in mind.
Some found salvation, receiving the Lord,
Others been blessed with some great reward.
Each Christmas is different for everyone,
But time to remember before day is done
That something in Christmas can never be changed
No matter the effort made to rearrange:
It’s the story we read from the Bible each year,
The angels appearing on that midnight clear,
The promised Messiah was born on this day
To take all the sins of all mankind away.
That Christmas was different that night long ago
It was so wondrous, so special, I know.
Each Christmas is different, thanks to that night,
For Jesus had come to conquer sin’s plight!
Each Christmas is different to the one born again
Since God has forever forgotten his sin!
Now there is a Christmas different and unique,
For some day the archangel’s trumpet will speak,
And some day in heaven we may hear once more
The song of those angels that night of the Lord.
Then Christmas forever!   Oh, what a great day
To see the Lord Jesus, once laid in the hay
Now glorified with us, and give Him our crowns
And sing His great praises, all burdens laid down!
Each Christmas is different, but the story’s the same:
Salvation, forgiveness, through Christ’s holy name!

	--Written for Christmas, 2011