I choose the rock

Written by: viviane leite

 They surely are pretty
   Yet they’re small and fuzzy
     Would their babbling be translated
       We’d hear them yelling
         “I aaaam, I diiiid, I aaaam, I diiiid”.
            Whilst among the smallest ones
              “I haaaave, I booought”
                Whereas rubbing one another,
                  Unable to reckon their origin,
                    Desperately trying to look bigger
                      Than they are or will ever be

I choose to follow the way of the rock  
 Quiet, passive and serene
   Moving so slowly that only eras could tell
     Looking the same while in constant change
       Though seeming fruitless, pervading around
         Providing the home, the shelter, the nest
           Loathed by the little which crosses its path,
             Amused by all the fuss around.
              Would our ears be able to hear them
                These would be the lessons we’d take
                 “Be constant, be selfless, be whole”.