Love Lasts

Written by: charmane bellen

Love can last a lifetime
not just a fling for a short of time
watch the lovebirds fly,
together soar the sky.

Love like this i want to feel,
from the start to end they shared
the bliss and delight, the glitches hitches of life
he and she, and no other somebody's soul to part.

When the storm comes raging there's no way to worry,
with each other's hands nothing to be sorry
as the new day showed up, they welcome the warmest invite
facing the long horizon with love in their hearts.

Love for a lifetime i do believe still exist
and not just a one night stand of false step.
Many fall in love they say, but
easily fall out of love i could tell.

In the year of new epochs
love still last for a lifetime
and not just a fling for a short of time
still i believe and trust the youths.