Humanity Its in there

Written by: Jesu Johnson

Is that what you want???
rather you want to be or not,
we are connected, by a few degrees,
connected, on the spot.

You are stuck with me,
and it's you that I've got.
It's in the air we breathe,
the water we drink,
In our souls,
don't you know??,
it's in our HUMANITY,
for sure.

So get use to me,
being here, 
get comfortable,
being near,
eventually to be,

Not just by yours words,
but by your embraces,
smiles on your faces,
7 different continents,
all races!!!!

and  Creeds.

You can place your best bet,
and believe!!!!

It is in your HUMANITY,
that gives me the strength
to concieve and achieve.

I start by trusting you,
I hope you learn to trust my humanity,