It's Like Mrs Chakki's Base

Written by: FABIYAS M V

‘It's like Mrs.Chakki’s base’-
It’s a saying in a countryside.
Her husband and camels
Walk together in the desert.

It’s his first return :
Riyals bless the soul of their dream
With a body ; a base of house
Takes its birth on the canal bank.

The oasis allures him again :
He flies over the Arabian sea,
Leaving the base with Mrs.Chakki.
Dream balls roll in her eyes.

She awaits in sweet expectancy,
But the postman passes by,
Like her days,
Holding not out a letter for her.

The decades slip into
The barranca of past,
Leaving wrinkles and silver streaks
On her dreams.

The time partitions every hole
And every chink in the base –
Mongooses, bandicoots
And rats get due shares.

“Will he ever return, Chakki?”
Silent answer fills her eyes.
‘It's like Mrs.Chakki’s base’-
It’s a saying, and an ember as well.