Fame and Success At What Cost

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Fame And Success?

You may be looking for
fame and success.
You see this as a sign of being "blessed.".

Perhaps on your job, 
you wish to be the manager.
Maybe... God's will is to be the janitor.

You may desire a fancy home,
money and a “reputation.”
You want it now...with no hesitation.

But wait. Where is Jesus in all of this?
Is his presence absent—
is it him that you miss?

Does life’s riches have a hold on you now?
But to leave all of this,
you wonder, HOW?

By coming back to Jesus,
who died on the cross.
Loving and serving him no matter the cost.

Forsaking this world for
Jesus may seem “strange.”
But this is a truth from God’s
word that will never change.

By Jim Pemberton