America where art thou

Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

Mankind has been persecuted, slaughtered, raped, pillaged, enslaved, taxed and under tyranny since time immemorial battles have been fought physical religious and verbal and what greater has sufficed from such noble struggles second to none would be the common sense of the American colonial lit upon the shores of the new found wealth an open land of nature worshipping muttered upon the dirt now the empire building nation with its obscure technology and obscure idea’s come manifest it’s destiny upon weary ears poor natives who now live under the Anglo-Saxon sphere poor natives who were given the ringing of bells laughter and cheers of punters that drool around the cathedral  of neon lights and free beers 
Given the choice would they have traded that for the hush sounding swaying of trees and cries of wolves who live among them the otters the beavers to reindeers 
Blessed are those who have ushered the knowledge of genocide for so many years 
But when man has reached he’s step and was given the chance to read.                 he founded his deepest principle he’s most noble and desired needs in the vast continent and empire of the United States beauty and truth behold those men of 1776 leading the world from its canopy of tears and taking their fathers ideas and strife’s and putting to battle what we all know is right a self-evident cause a infused sense of time has come. The providence of mankind is now and one cracks of muskets screams and bayonets blood soaked mud deeper than the darkest claret such compassion confounds the senses what a special great nation it was back then 
Why did the American trade  it’s prairies and untouched heaven and replace it with concrete and the grotesque to build a land for the few to build a farm of financial gain chasing the dollar without it the insane left on the concrete street all bruised battered and in-flamed the land of the ‘free’ the land of plenty silenced never to explain why such beautiful principles lived then and haven’t lived again all beings all one all equal the real American idea understood then maybe a genetic longing built in the history of the soul lost through the mix of peoples who came after the story had been told and didn’t live to it’s meaning or failed to understand that America’s beginning was the American conclusion to these ghastly awful solution and situations we found ourselves in today don’t copy the oppressors be the world’s hero again.