Common sense

Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

the crumbled burnt remains of a close distant memory resound in brain fraternally idleness and pain a combination of the insane or going...touched by madness obtained in the faltering state of debaucheries and laborious fails  continual hardship continual pretense continual submission to a unjust pointless 
mission of greed and circumstance already bequeathed upon those who openly benefit from their ancestors vice their soul live on from the benefits of others sacrifice and sacrifices that in kept motion penetrate the foundations of betterment. Of real equality of real justice of real liberty the age old struggle from first chaotic unrest and anarchic uncertainty to the self-justified model which has now unleashed it’s full might upon the unaware descendants of the crushed opponent the age old struggle the age old riddle in time lived through and maintained by those who solicit the rules to us those who  solicit our falls our halls our calls and even our balls the air be next and with it the tax when their common purpose be right for that. The next part of the agenda the next evil tact manipulate  their way of life given by them and given by the gift of strife to stifled our potential to stifled our judgement  to make business hurried away from the natural goal given to us in time immemorial that pure magic truth where have you gone all we are left is hammers, sickles, to tongs replaced and subjugated by a deeper lower light the real glory of mankind faded and becoming more slight less fight less right and more tight a falcon a eagle a lion a bear their claws have strength and so do theirs. So tired so naked and bare hands tied mouth gagged hoodwinked and exposed to poisonous err.