Passion Pits

Written by: Dr.Ram Mehta

My father had a passion to swim in the open sea
He used to shout, come on,” *Babu, will teach you”.
But never had the courage to respect his calls due.
While I sat on the sand watching his swimming glee.

One day he caught me and threw me in the water
Splashing hands here and there I learnt it sooner
Happy inheriting that passion of my father forever
Those were the days of the Second World War.

A Japanese ship was into the Arabian sea anchored
We had a bet to swim up to the ship, touched duly
And came back to the shore with the tide safely.
I learnt a lesson to swim against the tide undeterred.

Taking part in a speech competition extempore 
Narrating the experience of the successful swimming
Got addicted to the passion of theatrics unknowing.
My first stage appearance shedding the stage fear

Head and foot engrossed in the activities of the theatre.
In Paris’s National Theatre my old passion was fulfilled
After 40 years, in1989, dramatized, acted and directed 
“La Tartuffe” of Moliere called France’s Shakespeare.


*****I have placed some pictures related to the poem on my blog******

(It is written in Rhyme, enclosed rhyme and Quatrains)

* Babu is my nickname. At present I am living in Windsor, Canada with my daughter
 Luna who has named her son BABU after me. I asked Babu let us go swimming
 and I will teach you swimming. But he said he already knows swimming.
That has inspired me to write this poem for Babu.