Written by: Melissa-Rose Devnarain

All is possible, when you use your brain, you can think up a scaly dragon, even a hurricane. You can take a trip to the moon, take a ride in the hugest hot air balloon. You can be the world’s strongest superhero, not just a total zero. “I’ll think up a million rand,” “I’ll be a rock star in the biggest band.” “Today I’ll fly up to a cloud,” “I’ll sit where the angels sing aloud.” There are many things to be done, all which are rather fun, use your imagination, “YOU” have the power to have fun. “Tomorrow I’ll fly to Mars,” I’ll buy a million chocolate bars.” “Next week I’ll go to Disney land,” “tonight I’ll win the lotto worth five million rand.” The power of imagination is really really strong, you can use it to do good, yet use it to do wrong, it’s really your decision, not mine, or his, or hers, what you choose to do with your imagination, is up to you, and up to YOU alone!