Written by: elizabeth wesley

When I look through the curtain
 I see humanity's plight;
Our lives seem so uncertain
There’s little that is alright.
Yet out of confusion I come groping
To see a world dressed in bloom;
With my heart created for hoping
I find no comfort in gloom.

We see from boundary to border
That humanity wars with each race;
With rebellion and irate disorder
We exist in a shameful place.
But I think as the sun is setting
I could embrace peace without strife;
For my mind needs a way of forgetting
All except the beauty of life.

I knew from childhood's beginning
We live in a season of woe;
With suffering, sadness and sinning
For my conscience told me so.
The truth of it all is so tragic
I wept for all that was wrong;
Then by the art of sweet magic
My heart found a new song.

The years keep coming and going
A jumble of pleasure and pain;
But the sadness I feel is showing
That evil is on the gain.
My heart should now be grieving
For I find there is no comforting;
But I always keep believing
Life is a miraculous thing.