A Student's Curiosity

Written by: Summer Arthur

Do words simply flow into one's brain
Like a river does,
Never stopping, never ending?
Is the sun simply there to burn bright, 
A flaming ball in space,
Or does it have a purpose unknown?
Is the darkness something to be afraid of, 
Tainted and evil,
Or have we created that fear within ourselves?
Is there really a God worth believing in, 
A Supernatural power,
Or is it just a luxurious comfort one wants to believe in?
Is there such a thing as true evil, 
Right from birth,
Or is it that evil is the world we've created?
Is racism and prejudice based on ideaologies, 
Ethnocentricity, superiority,
Something unable to change, something that makes us human?
Can one individual really make a difference, 
Change people's minds,
Or are we all doomed to go along with the flow of our ancestors' past?
Is there another universe with a planet like ours, 
Among the stars,
But a Utopia instead of filth and ruin?
If there is and we find it 
In the future, what'll 
Happen, I wonder?
I doubt we would change our ways of living,
So I hope we don't find it for, 
Surely we would destroy it...