The world and it's worldy ways of show and tell

Written by: Jesu Johnson

The world can be a cold, and cruel place sometimes!!!!! But I've come to know, come to realize, that......... the world and all of it's twisted ways, twisted views, and twisted lies. Sparks a little turbulence, inside. Awwwwwww, nawwwwww!!!!!!! Then the world..... It can't show or tell me nothin!! I'd call you my sistas, my brothas, when the world seems to have me striving, and struggling. The world grins and laughs, Pushing an pullin' as it has knocked me down, further when I try to get up. I call you my sistas and brothas, you show and tell me how to not only get up!!!!, but rise up, with love and with pride. I stand up!!!! Proud and Profound!!! Sometimes with emotion, I dare not hide. I call you, from the depths of my soul, in my zone you take total control. Realizing and coming to know..... The world can't show or tell me nothin' about passion and love, fore it's YOU, that I call, and my GOD up above.