A river of consciousness-Win

Written by: Dr.Ram Mehta

Seated in this great vault of a cathedral Feeling as if people around me were meditating. There was stillness and peacefulness. The artist *Chinmoy began playing The unusual triple bamboo gourd flute. At first nothing much seemed to be happening Then my mind quieted and my heart opened a little. Began to feel something peaceful higher world His melodies simple, I knew nothing about virtuosity But somehow evoked a meditative inner quality. Ah, the silence is the nest and music is the bird All peace, all joy and all confidence inside the nest And from there the music-bird comes out And flies over this, my meditative world The seven higher worlds and seven lower worlds Each world has music of its own and a note of its own. My inner climbs up high, higher and highest And then enters into something beyond Helping me, molding me into transcendental image When I hear this soulful music An inner thrill from soles of my feet to crown of head A river flowing through me. a river of consciousness And this consciousness is all the time illumined.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 11/17/2011 Tenth Place win Contest: Any Poem Goes No.26 by Linda Mr. Chinmoy is the International Flute Player. Based on the event I attended in the year 2005 in LA.