The World is too much with us

Written by: Dr.Ram Mehta

We have no time to stand ,look and observe
How the Trinity runs the affairs of the Universe
Hinduism accepts both male and female
Aspects of nature and worship the Supreme.
If we have the Holy Father, why not Holy Mother
In Hinduism man and woman are viewed
As the two wings of the same bird
A man is incomplete without a woman
As a bird cannot fly only on one wing.

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh with one head
And are aligned – Shiva, the transcendent God
Vishnu, the cosmic lord, Brahma, the cosmic mind.
Like Christian Trinity-the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Brahma is the Lord of creation and birth
Vishnu is the Lord of sustenance or preserver
And Mahesh is the Lord of Death or destruction.
Constitute the Trinity of Hinduism as much as
Christian trinity the Father, son & Holy Ghost.

*I am inspired by Wordsworth for the title of my poem

Male Trinity assisted by female Trinity respectively
Sarswati  - is the Goddess of speech and knowledge
Lakshmi - is the Goddess of wealth
Parvati    - is the mother Goddess