In the whispers of my soul

Written by: gail smith

In the whispers of my soul
Stands the urge to seek the truth of myself
In this body of time, and rust, stand the feet, of many rhythms
Hear the tap tap tap

In my veins runs the blood from distances past
I feel the pull of questing and it gets stronger and stronger
My mind flutters like the butterfly that has hatched from its chrysalis
Watch the flutter flutter flutter

As the wrinkles upon this face, the smile which folds my lips, crumble. 
I take my grace of getting older and try to smile each day
Can you hear the pounding of my heart, as it keeps this vessel working?
Feel the beat beat beat 

Life Life Life so strange the feeling that creeps into my soul
That whisper hear it, feel it, it calls, it calls, it calls.