Though love it does cut you sharp as a knife

Written by: john bernard

Sometimes what we need is right under our nose
When we get what we need then everyone knows
If you open your eyes and stop looking past
You will find a love and know it will last

I know from the times that I have looked past
That it was from me I was going to fast
From what I have learned now I have slowed
If water was love then always it flowed

I want to find love that is flowing so free
A love that is true would always agree
I love with my heart and also my mind
A love that is true is never so blind

I search for all time for loves tenderness
And search for the one to love and caress
What will I find when reaching my goal
Someone to give my mind and my soul

Though love it does cut you sharp as a knife
My heart it is leading me forward in life
I’ll never give up I know I’ll succeed
Not even the sharp that’s making me bleed

Love it is there if you just open your eyes
Sometimes it can come as no big surprise
So I’ll keep searching for my true love
And know I’ll get help from up above