The Dance

Written by: cherilyn fry

Lithely moving they cross the dance floor in swirls their feet barely touching the ground as they spin in perfect rythme around smiles light their faces as he dips her to the floor and up again into a waltz in breathtaking time so skilled are they you think that they simply float until their perfect moment comes all undone by another couple who are having fun as they cavort around the ballroom floor it doesn't get any better than this they think as they see the other couple walk out the door- fractured inklings of why this could be haunts the couple that lost the contest and they wondered why me? They had practiced and practiced for this very dance a dance that drew parallel lines to the couples romance each step each hand hold practiced till they had fabulous timing but now they were suddenly adept at pining... never mind never mind we will rise again and this time we will make it the tango aware of where we place our steps perfect and precise neat and free holding our boundaries from the others that be.