Protection Mistaken

Written by: Onyebuchi Okonkwo

Every morning will be 
glad for its noon
Not a drying debris of a 
forgotten lagoon
Where fishes fret, 
streamline too soon

To swim deeper like us 
cowering in hustle;
Mosquitoes chance on a 
scrotal hair- to shuttle,
To srike is di-
pain.Labourous fund's 

Upon the rind and egg-
shell. And proud yolk
Aloofly dance, wiggling 
slippery tail, chalaza folk;
Warm under pointy 
squeeze of teat of milk

Puppies thrive. A pouch 
opens to hold
Stuffs from a refined 
periphery. Was it mold
The thrifty twilit and 
stories of old told?

So this pouch remains 
warm to our body:
We who its benevolence 
steadfastly try, study
While we err and pride 
swerve us, gaudy.

-c-Onyebuchi, 2011.
3rd Place in Brian's 'Any 
2011 Poem' Contest.