Written by: Kristy De La Keur Scoveille

What makes people family?
Is it a mom, dad, and kids?
Is it aunts, uncles, cousins?
Is it husband, wife, and in-laws?
Who decrees what a family is?

Family is people in your heart.
People who may or may not be blood.
People who make you laugh,
Who are ready to lend a hand.
They are the people that wipe 
Away your tears and fears.

Family is people who you love.
People you will do anything for.
People who, if not were family,
You would not look twice at.

Family to me, is who you love.
Who love you, no matter if
They are of your blood,
Or if they are not.

My family is my world.
I do what I have to 
In order for us to survive.
I put myself in severe pain,
In order to make our life.

I would give my very life
In order to give them life.
I make mistakes and so 
Do they, however I do 
Love my family with all
My heart and soul.