Secret garden

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

secret garden
like you never tasted before
will be only yours.

all those hills and valleys
yet to be discovered
smell of cherries,
prohibit fruit,
as our nakedness,
in spirit world are joined,
in exotic ecstasy ,
we share in our  imagination,
satisfying all our secrets desire,
but my body memorized
will never forget,
the sweet taste of you,
that I will yet to discover.
do you dram of me,
with your open eyes,
Do you crave for me,
the way I do for you?
Do you long for me endlessly,
as I do,
inside of me.
Are you caressing for me
in my dreams,you hold me in your arms,
and asking me: "Will you be mine?
Do you want to be mine?
or will you drift a way,
and live me behind?