Written by: cherilyn fry

When your trail has been expunged
and the light has gone dim
call me
we will see what we can do
with your empty feelings
that threaten to implode your world
call me
and together love will unfurl

When your thoughts sell out to blackness
and your heart is in pain from the wounds
call me
I'll arrange to scale the mountain together
each knot in the rope carefully planned
you know you have found a home
here in the freedom land

Set your sights on what's here and now
what is right before your eyes
and awaken to your awareness
which never wears a disguise
and plant your feet firmly on the ground
while you raise your arms to the skies
and remember you are sacred
and in time
your spirit remembers it flies

There are no sorrows to drown in your salty tears
just strength to guide you through
you are here and now
and able to reside in a spirit world
your heart and mind
blessed and pure
and able to continue
one day at a time
stepping if baby steps are needed
to your own
special rhyme.