From my Garden

Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

I plucked a fragrant out of a million; jasmine, oak, lilly, all adorned in colours
But only you enchant my prayers, thoughts,hopes, dreams, love and colours
As i wrapped my heart in its fragrance, my day was illuminated

Through thick and thin, the flower stood by me. Steered me through hard times
Held my hands slow and steady, my nerves embrace a conjugal solace
Actually, the flower helped in myself discovery

Through darkest night, my flower dimpled smiles
Tickled my folly, like a tick tack. Like a baby a rest between two mountains as i stride into lullaby
Words are like punctuations, not enough to sail my thoughts
Like your little boy you love me unconditional
I know i don't have a castle in the air as others have built for you but be rest assure you remain dear to me...

awoh awoh