i went to war with a whore and a bore

Written by: jeffry cohan


Don’t worry honey, I protect my life
With a concealed and well honed knife
No switch blade, just a steak knife we had laying around
But just like a switch blade it will bring a man down

Don’t worry honey, I know the street too well
When you walk with me can’t you tell?
The street agrees with me and I with the street
And sincerely the street and you should meet

It’s a place where animals get out for awhile
Away from a place of cement and tile
So they rush to the trough just like all of the rest
And then scurry back to their cage or their nest

None of them give a damn about anyone
They don’t even trust a priest or a nun
Wave the Monroe Doctrine in front of them and they will wince
Because everyone there thinks he’s still a prince

So when I go to various venues to rob and steal
You know it baby, your lover is for real
Oh, and just in case I happen to fail
Make sure you can get money for my bail
   © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~