One Night Stand

Written by: Cindy Harper

One  night Stand

It was around two am this morning when I smugly opened the door. How clever I am, I thought. That’s when I felt you, I actually  felt your stare.  Piercing me, two brown pools of pain, turning smugness into shame.
Reflected in your tears were the people I hurt, you most of all. Mom’s sad lingering looks, my dad telling me  “Boy this is what it’s all about…the man upstairs, and the woman beside you”.  Oh clever blind me, they all knew.

Watching you go, and not being able to stop you, that’s why you waited.  I seen that, I understood.   I so wanted to stop you, hold you, bury my face in your hair but I didn’t,  I didn’t dare.  Though I deserved no words your discarded gold band screamed goodbye.