In Spite Of You

Written by: Larry McMillan Jr.

In Spite Of You It pays to lose. Victory can be found even in defeat. Despite her utter rejection, Even my cause having no affection- At least not to my avail. Admittedly, at the time it doesn't feel so well. Nevertheless, Ultimately I did not fail. Although my sweet talking didn't get me anywhere, I still will get my share. I now pay tribute to your sarcastic farewell. I have and will continue to do exactly so, and fare well. Let me explain. Beauty inspires me. The higher the volume, the better the quality. My thoughts concerning your exquisite features- Were good enough for my poem for you to wind up being featured. Soon enough It will be available in fine print along with the others in paper back. Then I’ll tell you as you told me. Picture that. Meanwhile, I’m kicked back until it's time to cash in. And tally up the dividends. Do you understand what I’m saying? Do you see? Love me. Love me not. Feel me. Hate me so. Even prorate me. I control the monopoly.