The Powers That Be

Written by: David Lowe

Those at ''The Top'' may have a degree
Whatever you think ''The Top'' to be

Groomed and smart  but looking so tense
Because they have no common sense 

Common sense is overlooked
Possessors of it ? - Their goose is cooked

This is because the powers that be
Have no common sense you see 

The powers that be always say
The subject ''Economy'' won't go away

In fact they give me a pain in the tooth
'Economical' only with the truth !

Where's the next war coming from ?
We need another place to bomb

That is where our money goes
Creating death and a thousand woes

Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan
Look what happened in Vietnam

The ''Politics'' game fills me with frisson
Just one question - why don't they listen....?

The powers that be always say
Creating war is the only way

Making themselves a whole lot of money
On OUR taxes - it ISN'T funny

Then having made mistakes galore
THEIR troubles are brought to YOUR door

As for me ? - MY only fix ?
Stay away from politics....