The Animal Atheists

Written by: David Lowe

There's no such thing as a Hindu horse, nor a Catholic cat
There's no such thing as a Protestant parrot, you can always be sure of that

There's no such thing as a Rasta rabbit, nor a Mormon mouse
There's no such thing as a sheep thats a Sikh, on that you can bet your house

These creatures have no religion at all, no sectarian divide
Their only ''rules'' are created by nature; and nature will provide

If only the ''clever'' human race had no superstitions
There'd be no more wars at all, no more senseless missions

For religion is based on superstition, filled with legend and myth
Telling you how to live your life and whom you should walk with

Back to that nesting bird in the tree, or even that wild boar
Have you ever heard of an animal that created a world war ?