An Unexpected proposal

Written by: samrat sikri

Once my friend liked someone The girl who was different from everyone You couldn’t compare her with anyone I knew for him, she was the one It took him two months to be her friend In his life, there was a bend He told me, without her His life was totally blur She was like a princess He was like her waitress (Sorry for respecting him less As I couldn’t find any word else Rhyming with princess) After a month, I told him to decide Either propose her Or see yourself as a los-er Show her that you are not a toy But a brave and courageous boy After a day or two He got some confidence But running in sudden excitement He lost his eye lens He started crying and cursed his fate I told him that by doing this You can’t expect to find a date But suddenly we saw someone and were surprised She was a beautiful girl, blue eyed She was the one whom my friend liked She came to us, but I told her to wait She never listened anything and asked me for a date At that time, my friend gave me those killing looks He was burning with anger like when a sizzler cooks His thinking was typical He saw me as a criminal Then I went back to flashback And saw my life dull I named this in my memory As an unexpected proposal.