High School Years

Written by: Jayme Keally

Walking through those doors for the first time,
WIthout a clue of what there is to come.
Guys as tall as skyscrapers charge passed you,
As you stand there clueless.
Afraid of being that kid,
The one that older kids pick on.
Slowly making your way down the large hallway,
Crowded with hundreds of people.
Staring at your schedule,
Trying not to get lost.

With the worries of that first year behind you,
The strength of the years to come fills your veins.
Walking with confidence,
In which you lacked last year.
More pep in your step,
As you catch up with your friends.
Tossing the fears away,
Along with the stress.
Aware of what is to come,
Now that you are no longer the underdog.

And it has returned.
No longer at the bottom of the chain,
Yet not quite at the top.
Hurrying from place to place.
Too much going on,
And there's never enough time.
Slowly making your way,
Down the hallway you know so well.
And that door opens,
Damn well must be meeting the devil.

The long journey has finally arrived.
The trudge to the top,
Never felt like it was getting closer.
The sweetness of it soaks in,
And you begin to bathe in the glory.
You have made it,
Through yet another long lived journey,
That was made worth your while.
Now it's time to pass on the duties,
To the new rulers of the school.