White Pumpkin Delight

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

We all got Carol's invite, us fellow soupers made quite a batch.
We entered with anticipation, then carefully replaced the latch.
All of us trying to figure out, just what fun did Carol hatch?
Each one stood in awe at the sight of a peculiar Pumpkin patch.

We expected to see orange but each pumpkin was stark white.
Our minds trying to comprehend could there was problems with our sight?
Mumbling from the crowd confirmed that we were all indeed seeing right
We all decided then that we should experience this spectacular view at night.

Carol mischeviously handed out black markers and black paint.
Instructing each of us to pick a pumpkin and to decorate without restraint.
Carefree childhood memories overtook us...... she was a blessed saint.
Each one of us smiling widely, the scene was refreshingly quaint.

We set about our instructed task, all in a joyous frame of mind.
Not one person looked at their watches, time for once was left behind.
We thought we created beautiful unique creations that were well defined. 
Maybe is was the magic of the patch that rendred us all blind.

Carol declared our pumpkins all winners, for we all had so much fun.
What a wonderful day had by all, decorating under the October sun.
We gathered up our pumpkins, feeling melancholy that the day was done.
But the memory of that day was forever instilled in each and every one.

For Carol's Brown's contest: "What No Orange Pumpkin"