Written by: Angelina Dickson

The light that once shone in my eyes is no longer there
It left me when you did
The child that lived inside me, the innocence I once possessed
Exists now only in a dream 

I put all my faith, my love, and my trust in you
You were my world
I looked up to you 
I needed you
But you didn't want me and you never needed me

I stood there, speechless, watching as you walked away, unable to do anything
I wanted you to stay
I didn't know how I would go on without you
I cried
I poured my heart and soul out to anyone who cared enough to listen
Eventually, I didn't even have that anymore
I no longer trusted anyone
From that moment on, I knew I would be alone forever
Locked inside my own little world afraid to come back out
Never again would I allow myself to linger after anyone
Not even you
Memories plague me to this day
Thinking, wishing, hoping there was something I could've done to make you stay
To make you want to stay
I don't know why you abandoned me; only that you did
Left with a broken heart and no one to help me put the pieces back together again
Nothing in this world had ever hurt so much
No one could possibly understand what I would have given to have you with me
To hug, to kiss, to hold me tight
Little did I know then, what this would do to me
It stole my happiness
It destroyed me
It left me weak and helpless, with no hope of ever being whole again
I looked at you and realized that you are still a part of my life
Just not the way I want you to be
I thought for one moment that you would come back to me
You hugged me; kissed me; made me feel like everything was alright again
How long will this dance of ours continue?
There are times I wish I had never known you; times I wish I didn't care