Written by: Debbie Knapp

Addiction is a frightening and lonely place where paranoia runs wild. Fear of being found out, watching and waiting for something. Always wanting; for that’s addiction’s strong hold calling!
Addiction is being out of control, always looking for a way out. Panic lies just beneath the surface as you scan the room looking for any evidence that might have been left behind. Paranoia is playing with your mind again.
Addiction makes the decisions on where and what you do. After all what if you’re found out? Maybe the shakes or nausea and vomiting will hit, what then? The weight loss gets too much attention. No, friends are no longer welcome in this world of addiction; it’s too dangerous!
Addiction means you’re no longer there for yourself. You can’t make the right decisions or be trusted as the addiction is powerful and all consuming. You want help but fear and uncertainty grabs hold making you think, “What if”? 
Addiction is a disease. It’s being at dis-ease with you! Like other diseases’ it won’t go away without treatment. You hope someone loves you enough to help before it’s too late and you’re dead but do they? Why look the other way, make comments or even support the habit?
Addiction belongs to everyone! Are you frightened and lonely desperately wanting help? Are you watching someone sink in despair and loneliness? Are you the addiction, anchor, or the life raft? 
Addiction, what is it to you?
                                                                                       Debbie Knapp