Trapped and Then Saved

Written by: Briana Lynn Minard-Adler

I could'nt escape it, it had me
trapped. I was screaming bloody muder,
but noone could hear me,
and if they did, why were'nt they helping me?
Didn't they hear me screaming for help?
Didn't they see the large knife, that
was being held to my throat,
he had me trapped, and I was screaming trying to
get away from him, I finally got free,
I ran, but he caught me, and gave me a small
cut, I bled, and screamed,
hot tears falling from my face,
That is when he appeared
the love of my life,
he saved me,
He killed him, and took the knife
from him, and deposed it in the 
dumpster. "Why does a gut need a knife
like that anyway?"
"I have no Idea." I replied in a shaky voice.
He pulled me in for a kiss, and
said, "I'm never gonna let that 
happen again, baby doll."
I felt relieved, to know that I didn't
have to live in fear
anymore, knowing that he was gone
Briana Lynn Minard(Pickett)