The Chain of Memories

Written by: Vicky Prinsloo

Can love and laughter e’er be bought,
Or memories relived once more?
I wish that if we really thought,
Oh, could we find them all once more,
That stroke of love, that touched my core,
Or most of all, that  life of yore?

It seems as though if I could just
Relive that day, that day of bliss
Before my life had turned unjust,
Oh, could I possibly dismiss
The pain, the hurt, and all the grief,
Regain the joy that was so brief?

I see a throng of ghosts that call
Surrounding me with evil lies,
With sneers and jokes that pierce my soul,
Deceiving me in their disguise.
And echoing within my head,
Are cries that mock and wish me dead. 

But I believe that deep within,
I have some hope, some hope to live,
And all the thoughts I keep within,
The memories that I relive,
Are not enough to hold me back
The ghosts should know, I’m on attack!