Laying Up Treasures

Written by: Clarence Billheimer

I want to lay up treasures now because I know some day
I’ll stand before the Judgment Seat, and I want to hear Christ say,
“Well done, My child, I’m proud of you; you did the best you could”;
I do not want all things He tries to be stubble, hay, or wood.
So many treasures I can give, and all have value great;
I do not need to be that rich and I do not need to wait.
The golden treasures are the trials that He may send my way,
And if I handle them aright, “Well done,” I’ll hear Him say.
The silver treasures are the gifts and sacrifice I make;
I don’t want Him to say, “You robbed!  You tithed not for My sake!”
The precious stones—well they are souls to build His church today;
I’d like a few of them to see while I walk heaven’s way.
So laying up those treasures now is what I want today,
So when I stand before His throne, “Well done,” I’ll hear Him say.