exactly when will u people learn to curb your desire to post insults to great poets like me

Written by: jeffry cohan


She’s a horrible lady who does horrible things
But man, the lady sings
She’ll bend a note while you lend an ear
And her falsetto is something you really must hear

She’s an insolent woman with wicked ways
She wants to be worshipped but never prays
Yet she makes every song seem a lullaby 
Until her finale begins to make you cry

The refrain didn’t cause too much pain
But on her sheet music there’s an indelible stain
She’ll sing a love song and make you think it’s especially for you
But I know men who’ll attest to the fact that she sang it to more than a few

It’s not so much in her isolating eyes
It’s not so much that she’s so very wise
It’s not so much a future of her dalliances and flings
Because I’m telling you men there’s no escaping her once the horrid lady sings
             © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~
In advance I thank the three people who read this for having done so