From my fun to my work

Written by: john bernard

I will dig my way out
As I’m mired in muck
Will I sit here and pout
Or start fixing my truck

There is so much to do
With no time to do it
Cannot sit here and brew
It is time to get to it

With the work never ending
But I know what to do
All the twisting and bending
And the making anew

From my fun to my work
It is quite a transition
If I can be a jerk
It is all my ambition

If I sit here and write
Will not get the work done
I am not to uptight
As my work I won’t shun

Time to get up from my butt
And get back to my work
Will start busting a gut
There is no time to shirk

My friends I am going
Getting back on my track
There is no time for toying
It’s ok I’ll be back