Cayo Real

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

"Cayo Real" HarHo! Says me now then do I so say~ Then let us with words so then now play~ Take up yer swords o'plumes so grand~ As to give us all words ne'er xpected a'land~ Steep then Seas... so as now to ye sail~ South to 'er Norther 'round in 'er gale~ Fare well ye sailors whot 'as been so bold~ Fer ye 'ave ne'er been not warned o'lassies so cold~ Come now ye 'round 'er binnacle all set~ Come now ye 'round fer naught shall ye fret~ Now do we sail for all whot we've wished~ Calm is a'horizon as all we 'ave fished~ Each one man a'deck shall wish to so be~ Such as meownself 'as seen o'such sea~ Set off.... set off.... such is 'er cry~ Let 'er no longer by this wetten dock lie~ Set off.... set off.... such is 'er wail~ Let me run down to me damndest caprail! Hard as it mayhap be to listen to such~ For as such ship was a'given so much~ Listen did we & came for'ard a'plan~ Such as 'twas rare in eye o'any man~ Stealth we 'ad as down 'er mole we snuck~ Stealth we 'ad as we in 'er mud became stuck~ Yet oft were our 'ands found a'risen 'er strake~ Yet oft were our 'ands found a'deck in 'er wake~ For 'ad we listened well from a'start~ We'd all 'ad guessed that of others 'twere we apart~ Yet not of mind nor of reason well desired~ All whot 'ad been 'ad simply transpired~ Oft we go & so then we must~ Cling to that which is other than lust~ For shall we succumb to that which is just~ Fore'er should we be just such a bust~ Me I'll continue such as I am~ No No~ ..... not Lord O'Siam~ Yet he who controls all which he does~ As well is designed by so many above~ SeaWolf ©