Written by: Matt Daniels

Trailing up the valleys,
Following the tear drops that lay barren on the flat ground.
Speaking to the unknown,
Whispering to the unsaid.
Sobbing under my breath,
As the dark winds carry me away.
Tracing my fingers on the stench on misery,
Wondering if they can feel my heat.
Looking eye to eye,
To the loneliness itself.
Reaching out to give it care,
Reaching out to show love.
As the winds grow into roars,
Sending me away.
Flashes of light skimming by,
Taking my breath away.
Knocking out any emotion with-held upon myself.
I look back,
As I'm being dragged away,
To only hear a whisper soft enough to put a baby to sleep.
The word stalking my mind,
I have left.
I have abandoned them.
As they whisper sorry.
Is all I can rely on.