Walk on the Beach

Written by: Pravallika Apuzzle

As we walked on the beach this night 
Saw many beautiful things at sight 

Among the breeze that’s blowing light 
so many neon lights, burning bright 

I held his hand in mine 
And saw the nature to be so divine 

The sand was cold, the water was warm 
I was waiting for him to take me in his arms 

He stretched his hands to hug me in tight 
But i was within soo much uptight 

I gradually felt safe being in his hands 
And then gently lay down on the sands 

He ardently kissed me and hugged in tight 
And asked if he could make love all night 

I was so shy to say a yes 
But let him unveil me without a fuss 

He ran his lips from head to toe 
And licked my ear and flicked his tongue to & fro 

I got turned on with this very act 
And started to moan as a react 

With the sky, stars and the moon being the witness 
And the waves dripping us in wetness 

We rejoiced the union in the celestial place 
And enjoyed our first anniversary in such a grace