What is Love

Written by: Stacey Behal

What is love to one these days?
As we set out getting to know one in different ways.
Questions are asked as history is revealed,
Can one kiss and a vow really make two sealed?
Love is now a common word,
In the background of conversations it’s heard.
Although all around us people are splitting,
For reasons like cursed words, cheating, and hitting.
What is love?
To me it’s a four letter word with a powerful meaning,
With no thought about one interacting between, intervening.
When people choose to put themselves aside,
Having an understanding of another and learning to abide.
Abide by a personality unlike their own, 
Not needing affection for this to be shown.
Because love is a thought away, 
And once it’s said-leaving isn’t okay.
Our hearts have spaces between every pump,
Needing the warmth of another beat, to make it jump.
The jumping as called butterflies,
Hope for there will be no good byes.
Living to learn every second of the way,
The words learned will help one to say.
Say the important little things,
Understanding just like our self, everyone else has their own set of wings.
Ways to live in the way we would like,
Before the words said back up if it doesn’t feel right.
And this is where the word love starts to shine,
Giving them everything they want and a dime.