An Evening With Emily

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

An Evening with Emily

I spent an evening with Emily
(Dickinson, you know)
I told her she was my idol
Her words had touched me so
So simple were her musings
Written deeply from her soul
Each thought struck like lightning
And had the power to console

She wrote of life and love
As though she lived them to the full
In truth, she rarely left her room
Yet her words were powerful
She didn’t need to travel far
To smell the sea and air
She closed her eyes and summoned them
From the confines of her chair

She wrote of death as calmly
As she wrote of birds and sky
Describing her last journey
In a chariot stopping b
Although she died a lonely life
And never let the world intrude

For Constance Dear Heart's contest - The Passionate Poet

Oh, what a lovely legacy she left
From that world of solitude